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Hello and welcome to the Spirit Within.  I do hope you will read and enjoy not only my work, but the work of other people like Ursula Roberts.  Find out about my world, inspirational poetry and philosophy, meditation, crystal healing, how to read a flower and to tell your own fortune. To read the meanings of your dreams, take a look at The Aura and in the Philosohy section learn all about the chakras. Also meeting my Spirit Guides, to name but a few.

IT IS NOW 2009.

I am so pleased to be able to update my website. I have been fighting ill health since 1999. But since 2005 I really have had a battle. To date I have had 8 strokes. The last one beginning of June 2009. Then 2005 I had breast cancer. The past few years have been very hard but I feel I am winning slowly. So far I have beaten cancer but still have one more year of treatment to be sure. I am disabled through the strokes and no longer mobile but I am slowly overcoming the brain damage. So at long last I am now back at my website. I do hope maybe if it all goes well I may open my greeting card website again. But I do have to be sure I can cope. Thank you for enjoying my Greeting Card Website. I do hope you will enjoy this website.

I have updated the whole website. In the poetry section I have given you 5 new poems. I do hope you like them. I have giving you a new page.

Thank you. God Bless. Eunice E Powe. (Crystal Chimes)



INTRODUCTION: Enjoy reading about the Church Principles. Mediumship with Ursula Roberts and meet my first Spirit Guide.

: You can enjoy inspirational poetry by myself and other poets. Also as you look at my poems enjoy the wonderful Paintings by Josephine Wall and the beautiful Graphics by Penny Parker. Also enjoy the Graphics of Penny Parker on other pages of my website. Links to both these ladies websites are on the poetry page and my favourite websites. Also the Webrings I belong to and Organisations I support. And I do support survivors of Child Abuse and Breast Cancer.

PHILOSOPHY: As well as Philosophy I have included in this section, learning all about The Chakras. There is Meditation and I have given you a meditation you can tape. Also learn about your Guardian Angels. Here you can look at my favourite websites and links to take you there. Including a book website where you can buy books on these subjects.

HEALING: Take a look at Crystal Healing and the main twenty crystals.

FORTUNE TELLING: Always keep your mind open and learn how to read a flower. Also your future in the cards and how to use a Pendulum. This section also gives you the meanings to your dreams.

THE AURA: you can learn all about your Aura and how to cleanse the Aura.

YOUR PAGE: Now this is your section. I have four pages just for other poets, or people's poems to be shown. I welcome any poetry you would like to send to me. (Please note I cannot afford to pay you.)

THE FUTURE: This gives you more ways to foretell your future. This can be fun or serious but always keep an open mind. We have finding your future in a teacup, a dice or dominos. Numerology and finding out about your personality in your birth sign.






"As you travel through Life's voyage, remember to pause occassionally to witness the beauty of God's creation."

Please visit Judy's Realm of Sunshine and Smiles. A beautiful place to be.


Please visit Centre Christian Spiritualist Church for an understanding and enlightenment of Spiritualism and the After Life.



I am so proud to receive both these two awards for my website from Judy Bibby.
Judy's Realm of Sunshine and Smiles.
1. Creative Spirit Award.
2. Light, Love and Wisdom Award.


I do hope you will now read on down the page to read about my belief in Spiritualism.

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Eunice Elizabeth Powe.  Through Spirit I was inspired to do inspirational writing.  I wrote poetry and philosophy and experienced automatic writing.  I love one God, the same God as many of you do.  Many call us witches, but I ask you to judge for yourself.  I am proud to be a Spiritualist.

Spiritualism is now a recognized religion.  Believing in life after death, we endeavour to provide proof of its reality by demonstrations of clairvoyance at Church Services or in a private sitting.  The proof is given by a Medium, who acts as a translator or communicator giving messages from what we call The Spirit World to people who are still on earth's plane.

Many people after a bereavement will go in hope of a message from their loved ones.  To them it is a comfort and a way to move on in life.  It can also be a healing process that is so much needed.

I was originally brought up in the Salvation Army, but their way of religion was not for me.  From a young age I could see and sense things which no one could explain to me.  I felt lost at times as I did not understand what was going on.  Then a friend took me to a Spiritualist Church.  As time went by, I began to understand and realize what I had been seeing and sensing.  We believe in the one God but we also believe there is life after death.

I joined a developing class within the Church and everything I had been experiencing began to make sense to me.  I am able to hear and see Spirit.  In seeing I can see what we call solid.  I see Spirit as I would see you if you were standing in front of me.  Some only hear Spirit, which is called clairaudience, others sense and see which is called clairvoyance and clairsentience respectively.  Mediums will use symbols that form in their mind.  There are many ways in which a Medium uses the gift that God gave them and I believe that a good Medium is one that gains nothing from the gift they received free from God.  My main gift is inspirational writing.  There is indeed so much to learn in Spiritualism.

I believe that when we leave this earth, our Spirit returns to a beautiful place,  ( a dear friend calls it The Summer Land ) where we can be near to God.  While on this earth, our Spirit only borrows the body we live in, so when we leave it, it is only that empty shell that we leave behind. Our lost loved ones are not in the ground. Their spirits are free and they remain all around us, helping us in our journeys, until we once more meet again.    At home, I keep photo's of passed loved ones together, so I can place flowers next to them as a thank you for staying near to me.

I also believe in reincarnation.  Many do not, but I believe that the lessons you may have failed to learn in this life, will be presented to you in the next life and so on and so on, until you have learnt enough to enter The Kingdom of God, purified. For those of us who have lived a good life, the Spirit world will be beautiful, but if you have fallen short, you will be sent to the lowest realms, where you will have to earn your way back to the light of God.  There are some who may never leave the darkness. Some strong Mediums are able to do rescue work, to help those who ask to return to the light. Sometimes, though this isn't always possible.

The next world is a beautiful place, where we become whole again.   We no longer suffer the restraints of the physical world. No illness, no pain, no problems. There is much to do and we can become guides for the Mediums down on earth.

I used to go to a church near me, to pray to God and hopefully receive a message through one of the mediums, from a lost loved one. I found so much peace and comfort sitting in that Spiritualist Church, that it did not matter if I had a message or not. I could feel my loved ones all around me, such love and calmness. Yet in saying this, I believe you can worship God anywhere. In your home, garden, place of work. God is everywhere because He is within us and whenever we need Him, He is always there.

I can hear many of you saying, but where is God everytime a baby dies or a child or some poor soul is suffering? I cannot answer this and admit that I also ask WHY? Only God has the answer and He cannot be held responsible. Man is a demon and creates violence himself. We, His children are given paths to follow, but it is our choice to choose that path, rightly or wrongly and to accept the consequences whatever they may be. God cannot help us to decide, He can only be there to forgive us if we choose wrongly.

I believe that evil is within us all, like a bad seed waiting to grow. We can either feed and water it and inflict the pain onto others or we can choose to stamp it out, like a weed and live a good life. When a child dies, I feel that may be it was not their time, or perhaps they had already learned their lesson for this life and so their passing was meant to be. When a newborn dies, I feel it was not yet ready for this life cycle or may be the lesson that needed to be learned in this life was meant for it's parents and not for itself. Yet when a child or adult is murdered, cruelly taken from this world, I have to believe that the evil which caused this was too strong for God's love and that the murderer has chosen the most evil path of all.

More and more people are beginning to believe in the Spiritualist Religion, even our Royal Family and many famous people.  Spiritualism is growing.  This is my way of seeing Spiritualism.  If you have any opinions in what you read in my website, please write to me and tell me how you feel.  My E-Mail Address will be in the section called philosophy.


Copyrightę2002 By Eunice E Powe. All Rights Reserved.


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